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Today's Offerings

Pastime 4.8% - German Lager

Golden straw in color with a light fruity yeast note in aroma and taste, as well as a pleasant hoppy bitterness.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7 16oz-$8 (side pull)


Luminance  4.9% - Oak Aged Sour Ale

A mixed fermentation sour brewed with spelt and white wheat; fermented in French oak barrels, aged in French oak barrels for over a year and bottle conditioned with brettanomyces. Bright, tart, crisp, fruity and funky.

500ml Bottle - $15


Unspoken P.O.G. 5.0% - Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer with passion fruit, orange and guava flavoring, gluten free.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7

Derby 5.0% - English Mild

The quintessential British session beer. Dark amber in color with a soft pleasant mouthfeel, malty with a touch of sweetness, hints of toasted chestnut and licorice.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7 


Little Mate – 5.1% New Zealand Lager

Light and clean, a classic lager recipe showcasing New Zealand Nelson Sauvin Hops. A summer sipper, hints of that classic white wine taste with fresh crushed gooseberries and a crisp mineral finish.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7 

Skullflower 6.0% - India Pale Ale

Wheat and oats make this one super soft and lush with a pleasant finish. Dry hopped with Citra and Sabro, to create hints of candy peach rings, tangerine, nectarine with a coconut / creamy sherbet background.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7 

Shire - 6.0% - India Pale Ale

Floor malted pilsner malt and malted oats are all that comprise the body of this beer. Then we featured New Zealand Cascade and Nelson hops with a splash of Citra to round it out. "One Malt to rule them all, some oats to find them, a couple of hops to bring them all, and in this haziness bind them"

Hints of grapefruit, lime and grape. 

8oz -$5  13oz -$7


Moonwater 6.0% - India Pale Ale

Brewed to be simple, enjoyable and drinkable. We used a blend of pilsner and two row malts, Mosaic and Motueka hops to make this one. While it’s clearly a hoppy beer, it has a crisp mineral finish. Notes of Sauvignon blanc, grape bubblegum, lemongrass and lime.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7

Gravitational Waves 6.8% - India Pale Ale

Our flagship IPA dry hopped with large amounts of Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic hops.  Hints of Peach, melon and grass.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7

Cosmic Drops 7.5% - India Pale Ale

Soft and plush on the pallet with a pleasant hop burst. Brewed with Nectaron, Citra and Motueka hops. Hints of sweet fruit, pineapple, pink grapefruit and grass.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7

Washed in Black 8.0% - Smoked Porter

Dark, smooth, complex, with hints of chocolate and coffee and a subtle smokiness on the back end.

8oz -$5  13oz -$7

Unpublished Rhyme 9.0% - Double India Pale Ale

Smooth and creamy describes this beer. Formulated with Golden Promise, flaked oats and spelt, then copiously hopped with Nelson, Citra, Waimea and Sabro, to bring it all together.

Hints of grapefruit, tangerine and fresh crushed gooseberries

8oz -$5  13oz -$7

Demeter 9.7% - Triple India Pale Ale

Newest in our Symbology Series, and one of our largest dry hopped beers to date. Decadent and obsessive, soothing on the pallet

8oz -$6  13oz -$8


Barrel Aged Sable 11.3% - Imperial Stout  

Aged in Penelope Bourbon barrels for over a year. Maris Otter base, flaked oats and roasted malts. It's a rich intense brew with big complex flavors and a boozy warming finish.

8oz -$7



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