Today's Offerings

Blueberry Frukt 4.6%- Farmhouse Ale

Norwegian Farmhouse Ale fermented with a  Kveik Yeast. Composed of a simple grist, made up of Pilsen, white wheat and honey malt, fermenting at super high temps, and finishing off on blueberries. Not too sweet just right.

English Rain 4.3%- Extra Special Bitter

English-style bitter brewed with tradition and heritage in mind. A super simple grist, hopped solely with East Kent Golding hops from the UK and then fermented with a classic English strain.

Hearthland Cherry  4.7% Oak Aged Farmhouse Ale

A mixed fermentation ale brewed with pilsner malt, spelt, white wheat and a touch of oats. Fermented in oak barrels, aged for over 6 months, conditioned on tart cherries and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces for your enjoyment.

Light with a mild carb, notes of cherries, almonds and lemon

Tribute 5.1% - Pale Ale

Brewed to celebrate all the great pale ales that have come before and all the ones yet to come. Quality two row a little crystal malt and four classic hops, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus and Simcoe, comprise this beer.

Hints of resin, pine, citrus and Holiday cheer.

Clearly Pils – 5.2% Czech – Pilsner

Brewed with 100% Pilsner malt, Saaz hops and one of our favorite lager yeasts. Then cold conditioned for an extended period of time to give it a crisp and snappy finish. Notes of subtle citrus, spicy Saaz, light malt and bread crumbs.

Transcendent Leaf Peeping 5.8% - Porter

Brewed with an English base malt and a fun mix of dark malts. It was made to be full flavored while remaining crisp, simple and drinkable, perfect for the Fall. Notes of chocolate fudge, brownie mix and a light roast. 

Hop Fix 6.0% - India Pale Ale

In our opinion two hops that complement each other perfectly are Citra and Mosaic. Brewed with a sweeter malt bill and fermented with a house blend yeast to create a beer that has a fluffy, smooth mouthfeel with hints of sweet fruit and citrus.

Point of Emphasis 6.6% - India Pale Ale

Quality two row, an abundance of flaked oats, touch of something sweet and a dash of rye comprise the body of this beer. Hopped with Citra and Mouteka to create a well balanced, smooth fall crusher.

Hints of citrus, sweet fruit and spice.

Gravitational Waves 6.8% - India Pale Ale

Our flagship IPA dry hopped with large amounts of Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic hops.  Hints of Peach, melon and grass.

Gravitational Pull 7.0.% - India Pale Ale

An American IPA dry hopped with of Galaxy, Azacca and Motueka hops.  Hints of mango, peach, guava and citrus.

5th Element 8.5% - Double India Pale Ale

Formulated with sweet malt and flaked oats, then paired with Citra, Rakau and Motueka hops to create this smooth beer. Hints of stone fruit, mango and peach gummies.

Unpublished Rhyme 9.0% - Double India Pale Ale

Smooth and creamy describes this beer. Formulated with Golden Promise, flaked oats and spelt, then copiously hopped with Nelson, Citra, Waimea and Sabro, to bring it all together.

Hints of grapefruit, tangerine and fresh crushed gooseberries

Artaban 9.7% - Belgian Dark Strong

Brewed with a bevy of malts, candi syrup and utilizing Trappist Ale Yeast, we're bringing a little bit of Belgium to you. Hints of plum, golden raisins and dark brown candy sugar.

Sable 11.6% - Imperial Stout  

Maris Otter base, flaked oats and roasted malts. It's a rich intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish.