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Tap List September 7,8,9.

Tap List for this Thursday-Saturday.

Tyrion Session Pale Ale:  8 oz, 13 oz pours. 32 and 64 oz growler fills

Gravitational Waves: 8 oz, 13 oz pours. 32oz growler fills only

Chosin IPA:  8 oz, 13 oz pours. 32 oz and 64 oz growler fill.

Isolation Series: Simcoe  8 oz, 13 oz pours. 32 oz growlers, 64 oz growlers.

Illumination Saison: 4 oz, 13 oz pours. No Growler Fills.

Double Espresso Milk Stout:  4 oz, 13 oz pours. No Growler Fills.

Whatever Kicks first will be replaced with a new batch of Hop Ritual Pale Ale