Hop Ritual Pale Ale– 4 oz, 13 oz. 32 oz growlers, 64 oz growlers

Ollirama IPA – 4 oz, 13 oz, 32 oz growlers, 64 oz growlers

Shamanic Revelation IPA –  4 oz, 13 oz, NO GROWLERS

G3 IPA (Triple dry hopped Gravitational Waves) – 4 oz, 13 oz, 32 oz growlers, 64 oz growlers (64 oz per person)

Cherry Chocolate stout- 4 oz, 13 oz. No Growlers.

Buddy (our 8% barrel aged stout) in a cask- 4 oz pours only. All proceeds from this beer will be donated. Please read the info below.

A few weeks ago, our very dear friend Os Cruz lost his dad, Buddy, in a tragic accident. Buddy, our first customer at Conclave, was loved by us all.  Buddy brought happiness wherever he went, and will be missed terribly.

A death in the family is emotionally difficult, but can financially draining as well.  In Buddy’s case, he was kept on life support for several days following the accident, making medical expenses an added burden.  Os has not asked for help, but we want to contribute and celebrate Buddy at the same time.

This Friday and Saturday (February 10th and 11th) we will have a special Cask Conditioned beer being poured. All proceeds of this weekend’s cask sale will be donated to Os’s family. 

And now the beer…


Buddy– Barrel Aged Stout.  We started with an 8% stout that we aged  in a single-malt (think Scotch) whiskey barrel. The barrel definitely influenced this beer in a magical way. The aroma is of a smooth Scotch, hints of vanilla, and molasses.   Flavors of oak, smoky-sweet malts, roasted peat, and toffee.

Additional contributions can be made here: https://www.youcaring.com/rememberingbuddy